Sheikh Title

An ancient Arabic title given to a great, respected wise man, an esteemed cleric or a famous rich merchant.

When we hear the title of Sheikh, the image of a rich Arab merchant comes to our minds leaning on his sofa in a luxurious palace or a lush garden, and around him stands his servants.
His gold dinars and silver dirhams are hidden in wooden crates under the protection of his mighty guards.

Have you ever wished to win this title?
You no longer have to be rich or a merchant driving a caravan of 100 camels between Damascus and Jerusalem,
You do not need to own two oases and 1000 palm trees. Through our unique services, we can help you to obtain the title of “Sheikh” today.

How can I get the title of Sheikh through us?
You can now easily own a plot of land in the deserts of the Arabian Gulf and obtain the title affixed by a certificate containing an explanation of the title
Followed by your name and of course you can request a copy that contains your name in the charming Arabic letters and many other options that will make you look like a real Sheikh

What can I do with a title of ‘Sheikh’?
Apart from the great feeling of owning a small piece of land in the Arabic Sahara, the title will bring you much pleasure. Just imagine what the framed certificate will look like on your
wall at home and how many amazed looks it will attract. Everyone will ask you about it and you can proudly say that you own property in the Arabic lands and are a true Arabic Sheikh (or Sheikha).
But the title is not only fun and enjoyable at home: you can also use it to order a table in a restaurant or to check into a hotel. We often hear from our customers that a restaurant
suddenly turns out to have a table for his excellency after all, or that a free upgrade has been granted in the hotel. Wherever you appear with your title, people will perceive you in a completely different way.
You will have a lot of fun and pleasure, which is exactly what this is all about.

OK, I want to be a Sheikh now!
That pleases us very much! In just a few steps you can now buy a small piece of land in the Arabic Sahara online and become a Sheikh or Sheikha. The purchase is not connected with any
follow-up costs or obligations. We will send you all documents and register them in our private land register. In just a few days you will receive your certificates of appointment together with all information
in a great presentation folder.